Here’s what some of Flyinglady’s clients have said about us:

“Aideen managed to provoke, inspire and raise questions in a truly interesting and involving training session on disability for over 30 experienced General Practitioners. This is a difficult audience, many of whom felt they ‘knew’ the issue but their feedback was 100% positive that they learned something new and Aideen’s ability to share personal stories to demonstrate the impact of discrimination makes her presentations much more than an academic exercise.”

Karen Bollan
Royal College of General Practitioners

“I first met Aideen when I went on an Equality and Diversity update course. I knew the trainer was herself disabled, so I half expected a diatribe from a strongly opinionated woman. What I found was the best E&D course I have ever been on: we learned a lot and we laughed a lot.  Yes, she does have strong opinions, but when you read her book you may realise why. Aideen spends each day fulfilling her potential; if only each of us could say the same.”

Norman Lindsey FRSA (Editor, Does IT wet the bed?)
Independent Chair, Reading Community Learning Network

“Aideen is a ‘natural’ trainer – she can design and deliver courses to support any corporate outcomes whilst ensuring that learners get the maximum advantage from her teaching. I am very pleased to be among the first companies to commission training from Flying Lady. I am delighted with the service and with the results.  I have no hesitation in recommending Aideen to you as a provider of training and I am sure you will be delighted with Flying Lady as a provider of training to your business.”

Hazel Wright, Manager of Graft Thames Valley

“Aideen has provided an expert opinion to our Equality & Diversity forum, providing insightful feedback and practical suggestions when working through solutions and developing policy. She’s been an active member of our forum and organised a wheelchair challenge day where able bodied members of staff had an opportunity to experience everything from the perspective of wheelchair user. She has also helped us to deliver Equality & Diversity training to around 120 part time staff, ensuring that they really understood what it means and what they need to be doing. Aideen is a very enthusiastic trainer and teacher and always uses active learning to make sessions as vibrant as possible”

Barry Wren, Delivery & Development Manager at New Directions

“Aideen delivered a fantastic course that focused very much on an interactive session. The feedback from our event team was fantastic as not only did they learn a lot about working with others with disabilities but gave them the confidence to use this in real life situations. We are looking to run similar Events in the future and we will definitely be adding Aideen’s session to the syllabus.”

Dave Ennis, Nacro ESF Tutor


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