Clutching at Straws Campaign

It’s recently been announced that plastic straws, among other things, are set to be banned by the Government in a bid to reduce the UK’s plastic waste and the harmful impact that this has on wildlife.

Whilst we absolutely understand and support this principle, we would like the Government to consider a medical exemption when implementing the ban, as there are many disabled people who currently rely on the use of plastic straws to maintain their health, independence and dignity.

Whilst we absolutely recognise that there are a number of alternatives available, disability is both vase and complex and so there are various reasons why the alternatives are not as safe, usable or as flexible as plastic straws.  Find out more from CP Teens Founder Ellie Simpson, who also has Cerebral Palsy.

Our concern is that if plastic straws are completely banned, many bars, restaurants and cafes may not feel compelled to even try to provide an alternative, leaving many disabled people without the means to drink when out and about.

If you would like to support our campaign for a medical exemption, please sign the petition here.

If you would be affected by the proposed ban and would like to raise your concerns with your MP, you can download our template letter here. Clutching at straws – Letter for MPs

Thank-you for your support.