My favourite job: Disability Awareness in Schools

I recently delivered some Disability Awareness to the children at my son’s school (he’ll start Reception in September).  I delivered an assembly each to Key Stage One and Two and I have to say, it’s one of my favourite parts of running my business.

I always worry that the kids might not be able to tune in with my speech impediment so sometimes I ask them to “put your hands up if…” and then I know they are both understanding me and engaging in the session.  I always make sure there’s time for questions as I think it’s important that children are encouraged to ask about disability and get real, honest answers.  Sometimes I get general questions about my life and hobbies but very often I get asked about how I manage to do things or how I feel about being disabled and it’s lovely to know that the children are really thinking about the issues.

I really want more schools to benefit from these sessions so I’m offering free sessions to schools in and around Birmingham.  Please contact Flyinglady for availability and the best quotes possible for other areas.

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