Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month: Why I love having CP

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and in aid of this, Flyinglady is offering a limited number of free CP Awareness Workshops to help people better understand the condition.  In my experience, people often see any kind of disability as a negative thing; something that disabled people just have to “put up with” and endure.

Personally, I don’t see my disability that way.  Having Cerebral Palsy is a part of me and I wouldn’t change it, not for anything.  Here’s just a few reasons why:

I get to drive without a licence

I’ve failed my actual driving test SEVEN times! But I don’t really mind as I still get to speed around in my Spectra XTR2 wheelchair and go anywhere that I want to go.  Who needs a car?!

I get free botox injections

But not for cosmetic reasons!  Botox can be used to help tight and stiff muscles which is a symptom of cerebral palsy.  I had it to relieve tightness in my arm and it was really effective, giving me back the full use of my arm.

Watching people’s reactions as I get out of my wheelchair and start walking

One of the major misconceptions I come across is that people who use wheelchairs can’t walk.  I love watching the surprise and sometimes apprehension on people’s faces when I suddenly get out of my wheelchair!  After a few seconds of watching their reaction, I reassure them that I’m absolutely fine!

Not having to queue at theme parks

Probably my favourite reason!  I’m a real dare devil, the bigger the ride, the happier I am and not having to queue is certainly a good perk to having a disability!

My problem solving skills are second to none

Having cerebral palsy certainly makes life challenging but I’ve learnt to be creative and always find a way around the challenges that I’m faced with.  I can naturally think outside the box which is a really valuable skill!

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