A busy 2016!

I spent much of 2015 working towards the publication of my memoir, “Does it wet the bed?”

I have several new projects and courses planned for 2016 but most importantly, I plan to launch several of my courses online to make them much more accessible to individuals, rather than just organisations.

The first course to launch online will be the Disability Etiquette Course, which I am aiming to make available by the end of January.  After this, I will be launching an online resource for teachers and parents help them teach children about Disability Awareness and I hope to release this in February.

I also have two writing projects planned for this year – the first being a Disability Etiquette Guide.  Although I have a rough plan for the book, I am looking for people who would like to contribute ideas for what they would like to see included.  If you have any thoughts or want to join my Facebook Research Page, please contact Flyinglady.

Secondly, I hope to start writing a Children’s book to help them to understand the issues surrounding disability. I really want to enable teachers and parents to start an honest dialogue with their children so that they grow up understanding the issues and not afraid to ask questions.

Finally, I have just become Director and Trustee of CP Sport – a brilliant charity which works hard to make sport accessible to disabled people.  So 2016 is set to be an exciting and very busy year!

If you would like to talk to me about training or consultancy projects, please get in touch.



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