Please retailers, make Christmas accessible!

It’s that time of year again.  The decorations go up and festive tunes bellow out as we do our shopping. But there’s another, much more annoying reason, why I know Christmas is coming.

It becomes near on impossible for me to get around in my wheelchair, as retailers insist on packing their shelfs, and floor space, to the absolute brim. I entered one such store last week and could barely get out of the lift, for all the stock which was blocking my path.  Then there was stock left out, blocking my way so that I was unable to get to what I wanted to look at.  Needless to say, I didn’t buy a thing. For me, it makes Christmas Shopping a chore rather than a pleasure – forcing me back into the comfort of my home to shop online.

Retailers should remember: disabled people have a spending power of £80 BILLION in the UK!  Don’t alienate them by making it too difficult for them to give you custom.  Follow these simple tips to make the Christmas Shopping experience better for everyone:


  • Have a path around your store which is for customers only and leave plenty of space for wheelchairs and mobility scooters to manoeuvre.
  • Avoid putting stock near lifts.
  • Make sure your tills are easily accessible and if tills are high, ensure your staff offer to come around the counter to assist disabled customers.
  • Have staff available around the store who are able to offer assistance if required.



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