Another disappointing response from 10 Downing Street

This is the latest letter I have received from Downing Street in response to my letter regarding Disabled Access in Great Barr – very disappointing and frustrating!

Dear Mrs Blackborough

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to thank you for your letter of 17 February.

As I hope you will appreciate, the Prime Minister’s Office receives many pieces of correspondence each week, and it is therefore necessary to ask the Government Department with the policy responsibility for the matter raised to reply directly.

Your previous correspondence was passed to the Department for Communities and Local Government to reply on behalf  of the Prime Minister, and I am sorry that you do not  appear to have yet received a response. I have passed your further letter to the Department for Communities and Local Government to ensure that they are aware of your ongoing concerns.

Yours sincerely

Correspondence Officer


This is sadly the second time that Downing Street have passed the buck and the THIRD time that the Department for Communities and Local Government have been made aware of my concerns and failed to respond.

Again, I am left banging my head against a brick wall and fearing that the rights of disabled people in this country do not even cross the minds of our politicians.

If anyone feels they can support this campaign and help raise awareness of disability access in the UK generally, please Contact Flyinglady.

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