Synopsis for my first book: “Does IT wet the bed?”

I’m currently seeking a literary agent for my memoir and first book, “Does it wet the bed?”. I thought it would be a good idea to share the synopsis for the book so here it is!

“Does it wet the bed?” tells the honest and encouraging story of my life, living with Cerebral Palsy. The story details my struggles and triumphs, my hopes and fears, offering the reader a totally unique and personal insight into what it’s like to be disabled.

I grew up in a happy family with two older sisters and a younger brother. We had an idyllic childhood. But my disability meant that I wasn’t expected to be a normal child.

My story begins with a dream come true: my wedding day. On the day I’ve hoped for since I was a little girl, I surprise my family and friends by walking down the aisle. Each slow, shaky step signifies the struggles I’ve faced throughout my life.

Always believing in my capabilities, my parents fought for my right to mainstream education. Despite constant obstacles and objections from the Head Teacher, I flourished at school and proved my academic capabilities. With critics never far away, my transition to secondary school was hampered by a sudden and unexplained deterioration in my speech. Almost overnight, I was plunged into frightening isolation, unable to communicate with anyone. For months, I battled to make myself understood. Bullies confidently informed me that I wouldn’t survive a week in my new school. I proved them wrong by leaving school with fantastic results.

I continued my education at a residential college for disabled students, where I learnt to live independently.  At University, I struggled with isolation until a friendly face with a sailing boat spurred me on. As I sought a university work placement, rejections letters piled up and I was acutely aware that I was being discriminated against.

In the midst of work placements and final exams, my first love from my college days drifted away, leaving me heartbroken.  It seemed unlikely that I’d ever find a man to love me and my four wheels.  Against all the odds, I finally qualified as a project manager, successfully supporting myself with full time work. Life was good, though loneliness lingered, leading me into the world of online dating.  After a few virtual winks, several email pings, one nervous phone call and an amazing date, I was swept off my wheels! I’d finally found unconditional love.

As my love life flourished, my career floundered. My company was restructured and I was squeezed out. Though bitterly disappointed, I started a new adventure in self-employment. But before I could properly establish myself, two pink lines signified the beginning of my journey into motherhood.

Watch this space for more snippets about “Does it wet the bed?”!

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