Scope tackles some “awkward situations”

I was pleased to see one of Scope’s new adverts on TV yesterday, tackling the awkwardness that people still feel when interacting with someone in a wheelchair.

This particular advert shows a gentleman bending down to greet someone in a wheelchair and then being frozen on the spot as he wonders what to do next. Does he continue to bend down to talk to her or is it ok to stand up and continue the conversation? Clearly sensing his dilemma, the lady in the wheelchair is embarrassed but relieved when he finally decides to stand up and speak to her as he would anyone else.

The advertising campaign helps to highlight some of the misconceptions that people still have about disabled people and I think Scope should be applauded for tackling these issues so honestly. We shouldn’t be afraid to confront these issues as it’s the only way that we will break down the barriers that still exist.

For more help and advice on communicating with disabled people, please contact Flyinglady.

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