Challenges of Self-Employment

So after an extended Christmas Break, today is my first “real” day running my own business.  Whilst it’s exciting and I am full of ideas for developing Flyinglady, it’s also very daunting!  There is nobody to raise an eyebrow if I’m late starting and nobody to bounce ideas off.  It’s just me and I know I have to learn to trust my own judgement.

Whilst I have many plans for the business, some of them may be hampered by the fact that I am self-employed.  This is because self employed people can only apply for a basic CRB disclosure.  I have plans to develop a week long employment support programme for disadvantaged people.  However, I will be unable to work with anyone who is considered vulnerable unless I have an enhanced CRB disclosure – something which the self employed are unable to apply for themselves.  This seems particularly strange given that up until 3 weeks ago, I held an enhanced disclosure working for my employer.

After much hunting around, I have now found an organisation who will apply for a basic CRB on my behalf but in order to get an enhanced CRB, I will need to be working with or for an employer who can apply for it.  Whilst I understand that there must be a reason for this, I can’t help being a little frustrated with the system as it appears to limit the work that I can do, unless I find an organisation to work with.  I hope, by at least having a basic CRB, this will reassure clients of my character.

I am quite sure though that this will be the first of many challenges… and frustrations!!

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