Mystery Shopping Service

Mystery shopping can be a useful and effective tool in discovering how Equality and Diversity policies are being applied in practice and how your staff respond to the needs of disabled customers.

Flyinglady can be your mystery customer and can:

  • Apply for a vacancy in your organisation to check that recruitment processes are being followed and that the “Two Ticks” commitments are being maintained.
  • Attend an interview to ensure that your interviews comply with the Equalities Act 2010
  • Implement call monitoring – how do your staff respond to a call from a speech impaired customer?  How do your staff assess and meet the needs of disabled customers? Flyinglady can implement call monitoring to assess your team’s ability and
    willingness to meet the needs of disabled customers.
  • Visit your business – how accessible are your premises?  Are your staff willing and competent in making reasonable adjustments?
  • Find out how well staff conform with your Equal Opportunities policy
  • Help you assess the quality of service given to disabled customers.

We’ll produce a comprehensive report detailing our findings and any recommendations.  You can also take advantage of our Equality and Diversity workshop and Disability Equality Workshop to improve staff performance or we can put together  a bespoke training package to specifically address any issues which may be hindering your customer experience.

Call us now on 07761 653709 to implement your unique mystery shopping programme or email Flyinglady



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