Accessibility Audits

When you think of the word accessible, what comes to mind?  A wheelchair ramp, a lift, maybe automatic doors?  What about your website, your policies and the accessibility of your actual products?

Physical accessibility is vital but what comes next is equally as important.  Flyinglady can help you assess your overall accessibility to  disabled customers, as well as staff and ensure that from start to finish, their experience with you is second to none.  Disabled people in the UK have a spending power of £50 billion – don’t miss out!

Flyinglady can:

  • Assess the accessibility of your website  – how easy is it for a disabled person to navigate?  Can they get the information they want quickly and easily?  Are the buttons easy to locate and click on?
  • Try out your products or services and provide written or verbal feedback on their accessibility.  We’ll make suggestions for improvements and if required, work with you to implement any changes that you want to make.
  • Review your policies  and procedures and assess their implementation.  Are your procedures being followed to the detriment of your disabled customers?  “This is the way we do things around here” isn’t always the right way to meet the needs of your disabled customers.
  • Provide feedback on your physical assessibility.

Flyinglady is happy to undertake specific assessments of aspects of your business or provide an overall accessibility assessment.  Please fill in our contact form to book your assessment.


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