Disability Awareness for Children


“Mum, why is that lady in a wheelchair?”


“Mum, why can’t that lady talk properly?”

I often over hear innocent kids asking these and similar questions of their parents, who aren’t always sure about how they should answer.  Unless children grow up with a disabled sibling or relative, it can be difficult for them to understand why someone is disabled and how they should react to disability. Children need to be able to explore issues of equality and diversity in a safe and fun environment before they enter the world of employment.

Flyinglady can provide the following options which support children to explore disability issues:

Assembly Presentation (whole school approximately one hour)

Classroom based sessions (approximately 30mins, up to 7 classes per day)

The objectives of the sessions are:

  • To help pupils to understand what disability is and the different types of disability
  • To recognise respectful language when talking about or communicating with disabled people
  • To dispel the myths and stereotypes which surround disabled people
  • To answer any questions which pupils have about disabled people

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The sessions can be delivered in a range of settings including primary or secondary schools, after school clubs, youth and holiday clubs as well as community centres and as part of NEET programmes. The sessions are fun and interactive and are always age appropriate.

A recent client said,

“Aideen delivered a fantastic course that focused very much on an interactive session. The feedback from our event team was fantastic as not only did they learn a lot about working with others with disabilities but gave them the confidence to use this in real life situations. We are looking to run similar Events in the future and we will definitely be adding Aideen’s session to the syllabus.”

Dave Ennis, Nacro ESF Tutor

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