Passed from pillar to post. . . again

After writing to all the major political leaders about my campaign for better disabled access, I decided to follow up with the Department of Communities and Local Government as was suggested by the Prime Minister’s Office.  Below is their response.  I am absolutely furious that two years after launching my campaign, nobody is willing to take any responsibility for enforcing the Equality Act 2010.  Why does it even exist?


Dear Ms Blackborough


Thank you for your email dated 16 March 2015 about the Equality Act 2010 and your local campaign. As you may be aware, Parliament was dissolved on 30 March 2015 in preparation for the General Election and I am therefore responding as I work in the High Streets Team within the Department for Communities and Local Government.


I can only start by apologising for the fact that the Department has not responded to your earlier correspondence; I am unable to identify and confirm what happened to your earlier letters. I am also genuinely sorry but the Department of Communities and Local Government has no powers to intervene in this matter. Within Government, interpretation and advice in relation to the Equality Act 2010 is provided by the Government Equalities Office. Their contact details can be found (near the bottom of the page) at:


You can also contact the Equality Advisory Service for general advice on what your options are and what support is available in relation to the law. Their contact details can be found at:



Catherine Canning

High Streets Team


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