Part 2: Flyinglady fights for change

In my previous post, I explained the many problems I’d been having with my electric wheelchair.  After months of problems and frustrations, I decided to get my own electric wheelchair and I can honestly say the Spectra, as it’s called, has changed my life.

Whilst that might sound a little dramatic, there were many times in my old chair when I couldn’t leave the house as my chair was so unreliable.  I was constantly calling the repair centre, only to wait days for them to come out and fix the problem.  It was frustrating and at times, I was tearing my hair out!

I got my new chair 2 days before going on my honeymoon.  We took the chair aboard “Independence of the Seas” and it was fantastic – both the chair and the ship!  One morning, just as we were about to disembark, I managed to lock the chair – I had no idea how and so, hadn’t the first clue as to how to unlock it.   My husband phoned Simply Health (wheelchair provider) and within 10 minutes, they called us back and the problem was solved – and we were in the Canaries!  Brilliant customer service but that will teach me to read the manual!

My spectra does 6 miles p/h and can manage up to 16 miles before it needs charging. It tilts and adjusts so that I’m sitting in a good position – my old chair was really just a seat with a cushion and didn’t support me at all.  Back pain was a regular occurance and I just wasn’t comfortable.

I can do so much more now without having to worry if I have enough charge and people have commented that I look better sitting in the chair.  It really has made life so much better and just shows, you don’t have to put up with what you’re given.

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